The Rabbit’s Nose

Winner of the 2014 CASE Grand Gold Award, which is basically the Best Picture Oscar in higher education circles, “The Rabbit’s Nose” is one of those happy accidents where I happened to be an event Shea performed this piece at. I asked her to come to my studio to record it and spent the next three months creating it. I scored, edited, shot, and animated this piece.

Radiohead Jazz Project – Bodysnatchers

I got asked to do a “music video” for a Jazz Ensemble who were performing big band jazz versions of Radiohead songs. I tried to find a way to show all the voices and performances that make up a recording session. As a Radiohead fan, it was genuinely fun to make.

The Compassion Project: Manhole Covers

A sculptor friend of mine, Rob Neilson, decided that his sculpture class would participate in the Compassion Project – using art to communicate compassion – by taking advantage of the fact that the world-famous Neenah Foundry (seriously, 80% of the manhole covers you’ll see in this country are stamped Neenah Foundry, go look!) was nearby. They created bias sculpture impressions that would adorn manholes in downtown Appleton.

Glamour Gals

A student organized a local chapter of Glamour Gals and recruited her fellow students to go to a nursing home and do makeovers (nails, makeup, hair) for the residents. I was honored to be able to document one outing. It was an amazing experience.