I’ve been playing and making music since I was a kid. In the last few years, I’ve taken that far more seriously and I’m currently finishing up recording for my “Others” project. I’ve also covered a couple of songs – although I think of it more like songbook riffing – and I’ve written a number of pieces that served as background music for video projects.

Remixes & Songbook


I had this idea at the beginning of 2016 to write the skeleton of an album (riffs, lyric fragments, instrumentals) and then collaborate with some of the amazing musicians around me to finish it. Final recordings are underway and the album Trouvaille will be released in 2017.

Further (to Trent, with love) is an early exploration of the idea. My friend, the insanely talented Nicholas Raymond (Traveling Suitcase), came over to my studio in and in four hours we’d made this. And yes, we looked at each other about an hour-and-a-half in and said, “Yeah, I know. It sounds like you-know-who. Who cares. Keep going!”

Scores & Backgrounds

A lot of the videos that I made featured scores written by me as well. This is super fun to do when it works. You can see the videos on the Motion page.