Rachel Crowl had a career on off Broadway (1998 – 2003) as part of the Jean Cocteau Repertory Theatre. In those years, she played leading men such as Henry in Henry V, Bluntshli in Arms and The Man, Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest, and was reviewed well by The New York Times consistently. Life, however, insisted on changing her path, and in 2005, while helping found The Phoenix Theatre Company, she transitioned.

After spending a decade doing communication/mulitimedia work at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, she auditioned for the role of Eve in And Then There Was Eve, and shortly afterwards “took a leap off the cliff” and started acting again.

She has since appeared in plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Baltimore Repertory Theatre (The Swinders, 2021), Yale Repertory Theatre (Between Two Knees, 2022) and has voiced Red Skull for Marvel’s scripted podcast series, Wastelander: Wolverine.

She has been profiled by The Los Angeles Times and Out magazine and is featured on Marvel’s This Week in Marvel podcast. She is part of the inaugural class of WarnerMedia’s Talent Access Spotlight.