Height: 5’8”  |  Weight: 133  |  Hair: Brown  |  Eyes: Brown

Manager: Ryan Glasgow, Mills/Kaplan Entertainment


And Then There Was Eve LEAD Savannah Bloch (Eve Films, LLC)
The Smiley Face Killers SUPPORTING Tim Hunter (Smiley Face Killers, LLC)


Between Two Knees (World Premiere)
Ensemble (12 Roles) Oregon Shakespeare Festival
As You Like It
Duke Senior Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Henry V
Pistol/Sir Thomas Gray/Governor of Harfleur/Ens. Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Love’s Labours Lost
Marcade Oregon Shakespeare Festival
The Trial Titorelli Phoenix Theatre Ensemble (NYC)
Wolfpit Juxon Phoenix Theatre Ensemble (NYC)
The Importance of Being Earnest Algernon Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
Henry V Henry Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
Arms and the Man Capt. Bluntschli Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
Dance of Death Kurt Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
The Merchant of Venice Gratiano Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
Night and Day Wagner Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
On The Razzle Melchior Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
Oedpius the King Creon Jean Cocteau Repertory (NYC)
Threepenny Opera Macheath Pendragon Theatre (NY)
Waiting for Godot Estragon Pendragon Theatre (NY)
Marvin’s Room Hank Pendragon Theatre (NY)
Orphans Treat Pendragon Theatre (NY)
Dancing at Lughnasa Gerry Pendragon Theatre (NY)
Sleuth Milo Pendragon Theatre (NY)
Dracula Dracula Pendragon Theatre (NY)

(more upon request)

Special Skills

Improv, Singing (alto/baritone), Musician (guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, production), Dialects (Australian, Formal British, Modern Street British, Brooklyn, French, Irish, Southern), Photography