Rachel Crowl is an actor currently appearing in And Then There Was Eve (Winner, LA Film Festival, LA Muse Fiction); she is also a musician, photographer, and editor living in Los Angeles, CA

Crowl has a charming ease that elevates the film to something truly special. Her Eve is never allowed to be a caricature. I don't want to get into the specifics of how this is relevant to the film as not to spoil anything, but most filmmakers and actors would have made choices to play her one-note, lacking complexity. Allowing Eve to be a fully realized human is enough to set this film apart. - followingfilms.com

In her screen debut, Rachel Crowl mesmerizes as Eve. Ever an enigma, almost out of a noir, Crowl never steps into the “mystery woman” caricature. As the film shifts perceptions the more we learn about Eve, Crowl steps up her game. She communicates a unique arc that does not disappoint. - awardscircuit.com

In a cultural milieu where the word “empowering” is tossed like confetti at the smallest achievement, Crowl’s Eve genuinely is. - film-book.com

LA Film Festival 2017


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