Rachel Crowl is an actor currently appearing in As You Like It and the world premiere of Between Two Knees at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The film And Then There Was Eve (Winner, LA Film Festival, LA Muse Fiction) is now currently available on VOD; she is also a musician, photographer, and editor living all over the place these days.

“Crowl has a charming ease that elevates the film to something truly special… …Allowing Eve to be a fully realized human is enough to set this film apart.” – followingfilms.com

“In her screen debut, Rachel Crowl mesmerizes as Eve.”  – awardscircuit.com

“In a cultural milieu where the word “empowering” is tossed like confetti at the smallest achievement, Crowl’s Eve genuinely is.” – film-book.com

“…it’s Crowl that steals the show as quietly confident and extremely charming Eve, without getting into spoiler territory, Hollywood often dramatically misses the mark casting this role.” – filmsnobreviews.com